A Training Experience in Spiritual Formation
and Personal Effectiveness

BreakThrough is about acquiring tools to improve the quality of your life. Whether you have stepped confidently or stumbled, achieved goals or fallen short, felt contentment or disappointment, the rest of your life story will depend largely upon how you describe it to yourself.

If your life is not working, believing that you can improve it may be hard to accept ... or it may be very good news. You may be experiencing the deterioration of a relationship or job. Perhaps you feel driven by guilt and fear and find yourself repeating old patterns of thinking and behaving. Or you may be isolating yourself and imagining that even God is against you.

BreakThrough gives you the opportunity, in a safe environment, to identify and examine the validity of the beliefs that have shaped your life story. Then, you can realize your true potential by choosing the beliefs that will work well for you and create a future very different from your past.

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