Breakthrough Seminar

Only you know what it’s been like to live your life and how past experiences still impact your decisions. You may remember specific events that linger with you and continue to shape your choices that limit the quality of your life … or you may not see a connection at all but sense the effectiveness of your choice is less you desire. BreakThrough is a safe place to explore the impact of your past, learn how to keep what empowers you and let go of the rest.

Though you can’t rewrite history, you’ll discover that suffering is not a given and how you can increase your capacity to live confidently and effectively. You’ll identify healthy spiritual resources to give your life meaning and purpose.

Because this is a transformational process, BreakThrough Seminar is presented in three (3) sessions: BT1 is a 2 1/2 experience, BT2 is 3 1/2 day experience and BT3 is 2 1/2 day experience. Session dates and times show below.

Contact us at 913-829-8810 to find out how the life-changing experience of BreakThrough could fit into the next chapter of your life.

Addresses & Directions

Kansas City

Holiday Inn Express – Olathe North
(I-35 and 119th Street)
12070 S Strang Line Rd
Olathe, KS 66062
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NW Arkansas

LaQuinta Suites & Inn
1001 SE Walton Ave.
Bentonville, AR 72712
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Calendar of Events

Breakthrough Impact Statements:

BT has helped me to regain a vision of what I want to be again…free, passionate, courageous. – D.S.

Before BT I viewed life as a routine. I would set goals, and I would only focus on acquiring those items. BT has opened my eyes on life. I now view life as an adventure. Unexpected things in life will pop up. Goals that I’ve been focused on may not always have 1st priority in my life now. I am an adventurer and not just another player in a routine. – J.H.

I am more at peace, full of joy, and acceptance of who I am and where I am in life. – C.R.

BreakThrough has given me the key to unlock the chains so my heart can get back to its original size. – T.D.

I can then choose who I will let touch my inner heart.  I now see the importance of saying “ouch” when something hurts me, rather than being polite to excuse it away. – K.P.

For once, I’m not dreading the next day.  I look at each day with a sense of hope and I’m happy while I’m experiencing that day.  I envision myself breaking the bonds of fear and self-delusion to become the person I really am. – R.W.

I envision the long-range impact of this BreakThrough experience as a complete inner remodeling. – S.D.

I see this being a point in time that I will look back on 1, 5, 10, 20….years down the road and saying, “That was a point in my life where I came to realize who I am and what I want to be.  It was the time where I took the jump from being a teenager to being a REAL MAN.  It truly was a turning point in my life that will always be treasured and remembered.” – A.J.