Our Founders
Paul and Susanna Fitzgerald

HCS was founded by Paul Fitzgerald, DMin. and Susanna Fitzgerald, MSW. Paul Fitzgerald is an ordained minister who offers pastoral care and spiritual direction, teaches spiritual formation and leads experiential trainings. Susanna Fitzgerald is a counselor with many years of experience. She enjoys assisting individuals and families who want to break the barriers that are inhibiting their sense of fulfillment in life.

We Welcome Everyone

We respectfully welcome anyone, regardless of faith tradition, who is seeking to co-create with God a more effective and purposeful life.

HCS Staff

Dr. Paul Fitzgerald DMin – Executive Director and Seminar Trainer Susanna Fitzgerald MSW – Seminar Trainer


We’re thankful to the many wonderful volunteers and their families, who give their time, talent, energy, and finances to make HeartConnexion Seminars possible.

Our Board

HCS was founded in 1997 and is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Among its duties, the Board is responsible for electing the Executive Director, approving an annual budget, assuring proper accounting of all income and expenses, monitoring compliance with legal and tax requirements, and determining ministry policies. The seven member Board of Directors includes six elected members and the Executive Director, ex officio. Each elected member serves a three-year term and can be re-elected for additional terms. The terms are staggered such that two members terms expire each year.

The Board includes members with a wide range of backgrounds and years of participation in HeartConnexion Seminars. They represent diverse educational and professional experiences and share a passion for HCS’s continued and increasing impact.

Board Members

Paul Fitzgerald
Bob Arbuckle
Joy Campbell
Sean Heston
Tammy Wortham
Brad Hill
Leesa Davis

And Here’s What We Do

Only you know what it’s been like to live your life and how past experiences still impact your decisions. You might remember specific events that linger with you and continue to shape your choices limiting the quality of your life. Or…maybe you don’t see a connection at all, and yet your choices seem less effective than you’d like. BreakThrough is a safe place to explore the impact of your past, learn how to keep what empowers you, and let go of the rest.

Though you can’t rewrite history, you’ll discover that suffering is not a given. You’ll also discover how you can increase your capacity to live confidently and effectively. And you’ll identify healthy spiritual resources to give your life more meaning and purpose.

Contact us to find out how the life-changing experience of BreakThrough may fit into the next chapter of your life.

Purpose Vision Living

What could it look like to seriously begin creating the life you want? Not the “script” that was given to you by someone else, not to live making reactive choices to the choices of others but to proactively dive in the “life I want” pool…what does that look like?

In ways that only taking your BT life to the next level can do, the Purpose Vision Living Seminar will help you find out more deeply, more confidently what you really want…who you really are. And you’ll identify the hurdles keeping you from creating life and living those realities.

What would you do if you were brave?

What possibilities does your life hold just waiting for you to be brave?

Discover opportunities and your purpose. Create vision for your life. Start living intentionally.

“It’s on the menu, begging to be ordered, and you know it. You don’t have to follow the script. You don’t have to. There’s so much more.”  ~ Brad Hill

“Living on our purpose truly opens us to the adventure of living loved and loving life, frees us to create meaning in all the circumstances of life and be at peace whatever life may bring.” – Dr. Paul

Eligibility: Breakthrough Alumni who completed BT3.

HeartConnexion Services

The following services are available through HeartConnexion Seminars and provided by Dr. Paul Fitzgerald DMin.

  • Seminar Followup/Counseling
  • Personal Coaching
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Speaking Engagements

Contact the HeartConnexion Seminars office 913-829-8810 for more information about these services or to schedule an appointment.