Tool for HeartConnexion® Living
Five Truths About Fear

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV

What are your false-beliefs (tapes) about experiencing fear? One of the most paralyzing may be: “I should never experience any fear.” Others include: “I can’t make a choice if I have any fear.” and “There is always less risk in not changing.” The truth is that fear is a God-designed feedback mechanism. Our awareness of its presence alerts us to our perception of risks in the situation at hand. Fear is not a character flaw. Experiencing fear is not foolish. Fear itself is not a predictor of our potential for failure or success. It is critical to be aware of fearful feelings; listen to its message; realistically evaluate the risk; and then, choose how we will respond. The fear of diving into a lake without first knowing the depth of the water is clearly grounded in reality but other fears that keep us from being intimate with loved ones may more old tapes than reality. How could your life be different if you believed these five truths about fear?

Five Truths About Fear:

  1. I will experience fear as long as I continue to grow outside my emotional, spiritual and relational comfort zones.
  2. Fear is a caution signal whenever I am about to step outside past experience. I will not allow it to be an automatic stop signal that takes away my choice.
  3. As hard as it can be, facing the fears that rob me of the quality of life I want is key to building my resiliency and positive self-esteem.
  4. I am not alone in experiencing fear in unfamiliar situations. Everyone does. So, experiencing fear does not make me terminally unique.
  5. In the long run, pushing through my fear of healthy change is less risky than living with helplessness that paralyzes my growth and robs me of self-worth.

By examining our fears we can become aware about how our perception (often old tapes) about reality affect the quality of our life. We do not have to remain prisoners of our past or of the self-limiting experiences of previous generations. If our goal is to avoid any fearful feelings, we will be disappointed. We have the power to act against fear rather than just react. We have the power to make self-caring choices without fearing that we are self-centered failures. We have the power to create a meaningful life in the most miserable circumstances that life can hand us.

In our daily life fear has its place as feedback. Fear that is not reality-based is the enemy of the our spirit and of the Holy Spirit. God desires for us to experience a spirit of power to make faith-based choices; a spirit that is open to receiving love as well as giving love in spite of its risk; and, a spirit of self-discipline that refuses to allow fear to define the limits of our life. Truth about fear can set us free to create the life we want for ourselves and for our family that honors our spiritual journey.

Small Group Sharing:

  • Which of mis-belief about fear has had the biggest impact on your past choices?
  • What did your experience of overcoming fear in the BT process teach you?
  • What is the most significant fear you are facing in your life right now? Is it reality based or illusion?
  • If I knew I did not have to do it perfectly, I would…. (complete the sentence.)
  • How would your life be different if you started using this tool for HeartConnexion living?


Dr. Paul D. Fitzgerald, ©2002 HeartConnexion Ministries